Clothing Care
Caring for Clothing
The care of clothing starts the moment you begin shopping.

Before reaching the cash register, inspect the garment up and down, spin it around and check the zippers, hooks, hems, seams, snags/stains and buttons. Always ask for extra buttons at the time of purchase!

  • Hairspray, perfume, cologne and deodorant cause many “seemingly” harmless and invisible stains that surface after drycleaning! Apply them before you dress and let dry completely.
  • Most mistakes are made in the first 10 seconds, so in a “stain emergency,” count to ten, relax, gently blot the stained area with a dry, white napkin and stop. Never rub a fabric.
  • Think of water and club soda as the same. Use them sparingly and do not apply to oily stains such as, french fries, gravy, dressing, lipstick … They can spread stains, bleed dyes and ruin fine fabrics, often making removal by your drycleaner an impossible task.
  • Drycleaning should be your first choice for oily stains.
  • Air out all clothing for an hour after wearing and inspect it under bright light, before folding or re-hanging.
  • Dryclean or wash all stained clothing within 24-48 hours.

While many store-bought and home remedies work safely (on washable clothing), please do not confuse the message: most remedies should not be used on dryclean-only clothing or certain fabrics or colors.